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    The beginnings of our school date back to the year 1949 when the 11-grade high school was established and its first headmaster – Mr Waclaw Pogorzelski – was appointed. The school  was located in a building by  Mickiewicza Street, which, although built in 1905 still plays its original role.
In the school year 1965/66 the 11-grade system of schooling was abandoned and the institution was given the status of a secondary school and the name of Adam Mickiewicz. In 1967 the flag was given to our school, which was an important event in the history of the institution.
It is a distant past for us… in 2002, for the first  time in the history of the school the headmaster of our secondary school became a woman – Mrs Lucyna Markiewicz. In 2004 bilingual classes were opened. Since September 2009 the school has had a new headmaster Mr Mariusz Domański.
The thing which the school offers first and foremost is the possibility of attending to the best educational institution in Slupsk. It was confirmed in a recent ranking published by “The Perspektywy” and “The Rzeczpospolita”. According to it the Secondary School of Adam Mickiewicz was ranked in the 16th place in Poland, the 2nd in Pomeranian district and the 1st in Słuspk.
We are the promoters of the United Europe. The School European Club was established on the 1st September 2000. Its long-standing leader is Mr Stanisław Stefański. The members of the club have repeatedly won the Contests of Knowledge of European Union and they deal with propagating competence in the European Union-the countries, their history, geography , famous people, and institutions    among other students and their families.
In the year 1989 first international exchange took place- 22 students of the High School left to Flensburg in Germany. Ten years later the school established cooperation with Nowogrod Wielki in Russia. We are currently having an exchange with Sweden and the school in Athens.
Our students are also active volunteers. In 1999 they took the initiative to open the School Volunteers Club , which was later transformed into the Klub-net Afera constantly cooperating with similar clubs in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic.
The 1st class students have been preparing  the Day of Adam Mickiewicz inspired by the life and artistic work of the bard. Another important school event is “Filomeny” – awards given to the best teachers .
We have a breeding ground for new fresh talent – “Fantazja” choir, which has been conducted by Mrs  Lilianna Zdolinska since 1980. The Choir has been awarded many prizes including: Grand Prix in an all-Poland Choir Contest in 1998, 2003 and 2006. It was also given the Silver Diploma in the National Choir Contest in Brema in 2004.
The youngsters of our school are offered a possibility to study 6 different languages – Russian, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
Among the graduates of the “Mickiewicz” school there are over 81 winners of subject contests and 175 finalists.
All these educational values assembled make it worth studying in that institution.   


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