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Visit in Romania

Uczniowie pozują stojąc na chodniku In the Erasmus+ “Improve yourself, diversify your future professions” project, the second visit took place in Romania. We spent five days in Jassy and during that time we improved our soft skills, we learnt about European labour market, we met with some of company representatives. But that's not everything. We were also sightseeing lots of museums, we developed our knowledge about Romanian culture and interacted with colleagues from different countries. We ended our trip with festive dinner and handing out certificates. 


Hala. Pracownice przy stanowiskach montażowych.   Noc. Plac z pomnikiem. Nad placem rozwieszone światełka.

zdjęcie grupowe   budynek historyczny

Kościół z dwiema wieżami   sala muzealna