• Lingua Mathematica

      • Croatia in Venice or Venice in Croatia? A question worth a 1000 ducats.

        30.10.2023 12:57

        Wspolne zdjecie uczestnikow wyjazdu w Chorwacji
        Such and many more puzzles had been waiting for the travellers from our school, participating in Erasmus+ project “Lingua Mathematica”. Hania, Paulina, Wiktoria from 3c and Natalia, Olek z 4a, and Dominika z 4b, Mateusz z 4c spent a week in Vodice in Croatia. It was the last LTTA meeting in this project so it was a perfect moment to evaluate how much two foreign languages- English and Mathematics had been bridged.

        Of course, “ only work and no fun make Jack a dull boy”, that’s why we could visit many interesting places and sail through the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

        See you in next projects!

        It’s really worth it :)

      • Should an elephant 🐘 stay longer in the toilet than a mouse 🐁? Not so sure…

        30.10.2023 12:56

        Zdjęcie grupowe w auli szkoły
        Last week we had a chance to find out! The mobility took place in Poland and was filled with wonderful workshops, lectures, activities all connected to mathematics and English. Starting with lessons at school, playing games in the kindergarten, having a lecture at the university about art in mathematics, doing experiments in Hevelianum Centre, looking for polyhedrons in architecture, ending up with teacher’s’ workshops at the teachers training centre. We can’t forget about non- formal education in the afternoons, when students spent free time together visiting places, communicating, having fun, trying Polish cuisine…

        It was definitely a good week. Coming back to the question- the answer is No! Every mammal should be there for 13-21 seconds. Without a phone …